Teambuilding Activities

Sea Based Teambuilding Activities for your team to enjoy!

Of course with a name like Sail in Asia you would expect us to be connected with the water, with Phuket’s beautiful sea. You would be right to assume this, that is how we started and it is still our speciality. But it is far from the whole Sail in Asia story. Check ot the Waterbased Teambuilding Options below and see if any suit you and your colleagues.

Land Based Teambuilding Activities for your team to enjoy!

We can offer large range of land based team building activities. Sail in Asia provide this either as complement to our water based teambuilding activities or, if our clients prefer it, we can do entirely land based events. And there is a lot to chose from.

As well as games and activities we can arrange great access to the island’s full range of adventures, trips and entertainments. Whether you want to have an amazing race in Tuk Tuks, play team based games or learn thai cooking, Sail in Asia can fix it for you. We can do cultural or entertainment events, gala meals, tours of the island and sunset cruises. Just let us know what you would like. Or if you are not sure, just talk to us about what you want to achieve by running the event and we’ll use or experience and network to propose a memorable visit that you and your team are bound to remember.

If you haven’t already, why not  take a look at some of our range of team building Activities on video